What the xHP Customization Module can do!

How you can use the Custom Module to further improve our OTS Maps!

Tuning a transmission is always a compromise at some point. Just like the factory did the calibrations with a certain target group in mind, we do the same at xHP, but usually that group is more focused, compared to the average BMW buyer. Nevertheless we offer 3 different setups for nearly every car supported, to fit as many driver types as possible. But even with that spread there are still a lot of users having special needs, driving environments, aftermarket engine setups etc. who need to further tweak the transmissions behavior. 

Thats exactly what the Customization Module is offering. It offers a variety of different ways to further tailor the OTS maps to your personal needs. The latest 2 additions are:

- Setting a Torque Limit per Gear. 

Especially on high power RWD cars limiting torque in the lower gears can improve traction and make them easier to handle. xHP offers a range from 300 Nm (221 ft lb) to the possible maximum of 1000 Nm (737 ft lb) for each gear. It can be used either to limit boost in the lower gears, or to limit the engine power overall in all gears to protect the drive-train components. The electronic limiter works by sending a request to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to lower torque once the limit is reached. The ECU then takes the necessary measures (close the throttle/lower boost/lower timing) to stay steady on this limit. It's the same method applied during shifts, when the TCU (Transmission Control Unit) also takes over the torque control from the engine to enhance the shifting. This method of control works steady and within split seconds.

- Altering the torque intervention during a gear shift

This function lets you setup how much torque reduction the gearbox is requesting from the engine during upshifts. Just like with a manual, where the driver presses the clutch while releasing the throttle, the automatic transmission sends a request to your vehicles engine to lower torque while it's shifting from one gear to another. Lowering the amount of torque reduction can reduce turbo lag after shifts, especially in the lower gears. The opposite, raising the torque reduction, can produce faster/crisper shifts. The main purpose of this function is to fine tune your shifts to your current engine setup, as every aftermarket component or tune slighty alters the behavior of the engine during shifts. Tuned cars with big turbos may need general less reduction, than ones with stock turbos. If you experience a bit of "lag" on a certain shift, you can also try to lower the torque intervention by a few % until it starts to smooth out. Reducing the amount of torque pulled during a shift puts more load on your clutches and stretches the shift-time a bit, so just minimizing all values won't do the trick. Users are advised to use this function with care. It's not dangerous to play around with it, just to feel the effects, but you have to be aware that lowering torque reduction substantially (e.g. -25%) over extended periods will increase load on the clutches and will reduce their lifetime. 

Besides those two functions the Customization Module offers a lot more, like Changing Shiftpoints, changing intensity of the throttle blips, configure the gear display in dash etc. The xHP manual holds a description for every function! You can access the manual here on the website and directly within the App in the Sidebar Menu!